An elegant
and joyful
electric bike.

Get to know the bike.

Commuting becomes an opportunity rather than a waste of time.

We started with a simple yet beautiful e-bike design in 2012, and have continued to reimagine what an e-bike can and should be. Today's bike, the Vela 2, refines our original design thesis and adds a connected app experience. Our thousands of riders agree - Vela represents freedom, discovery and fulfillment.

Nostalgic design,
+ tech inside.

350w motor.

The 350W motor with a 550W boost assists you up to 20mph.

Removable battery.

The hidden battery slides right out. Perfect when you don't want to bring your entire bike inside for a charge.

App connection.

What's inside the panel? The brain: GPS, Bluetooth, 4G sim card, and USB charging port.

2 models,
5 colors.

The Low Step.

Riders from 5'1" to 6'0"

Forest Green

The classic cruiser design, but modernized. The low step-over bar and smaller, maneuverable wheels create a more approachable, easygoing ride.

The High Step.

Riders from 5'7" to 6'5"

Forest Green

The classic urban shape, revolutionized. The high bar and larger wheels provide traction and stability, while the upright riding position ensures a smooth sailing.

You’re safe for up to
40 miles ride with
a single battery charge.

No more sweating... unless you want to! You can switch riding modes easily within the Vela app.

High power.

~25 miles range

This is the default riding mode. Designed for a perfect commuting experience.

Low power.

~40 miles range

If you want to cruise at a slower pace, but don't want to sweat; or if you're running out of juice but have a few more miles to go.

No Assist.

unlimited range

You can still ride your Vela just like a regular bike.

Easy cruising,
seamless hill climbing,
effortless speed...
you can have it all.

Vela was born in São Paulo - a locale with terrain as hilly as San Francisco and traffic as grueling as Los Angeles. Our bike is built with technology to adapt to any rider or location.

Each Vela
represents our commitment to
protecting the environment.

Why use a car for trips around town or the city, when your Vela can do it with less? Every car trip, errand or commute that is taken by e-bike not only lowers greenhouse gas emissions, but also your spending. While gasoline prices rise uncontrollably, your Vela uses pennies worth of household energy per mile. The more you ride your Vela, the quicker it pays you back.

and optimize
your Vela with accessories.

Velas aren’t just aesthetically elegant and loaded with the latest technology, they’re also practical. Our riders add accessories to sail around groceries, backpacks, kids, yoga mats, beach supplies, and everything in between. Make your Vela be a representation of YOU by customizing it for your own practical needs.

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