Vela Bikes
We are taking $299 pre-order deposits for delivery in early Summer.
Meet the bike



1. Do I need to pedal my Vela?

2. How is Vela on hills?

3. How do I start my Vela 2?

4. Is there a Vela for my size?

5. What size frame should I choose?

6. Can I adjust the height of my Vela seat?

7. How much does a Vela weigh?

8. Where can I find my Vela's serial number?


1. How does it work?

2. Is the deposit refundable?

3. How much does each Vela bike cost, in total?

4. When do I pay the remaining balance?

5. What happens after I pay the remaining balance?

6. Why does the process work this way?

7. Can you run me through the whole timeline and process again?


1. Where was Vela designed?

2. Where is the Vela manufactured?

3. Does Vela have stores?

4. Can I test ride one?


1. What is the battery range?

2. Does Vela’s battery have charge memory?

3. How long does it take to fully recharge the battery?

4. Is the battery waterproof?

5. How can I charge my battery?

6. How can I measure the battery level?

7. What is the warranty period for the Vela battery?

8. How long does the battery last?

9. I need to change my battery, what do I do?


1. How powerful is Vela's motor?

2. Is it possible to adjust the power of my Vela?

3. What is the maximum speed?

4. How does the motor assistance work?

5. Does the motor recover energy?

6. Is the Vela resistant to rain?


1. How to protect my Vela in the city?

2. What is included in the Vela+ Plan?

3. What about maintenance and repairs?

4. What is the warranty period for Vela components?

5. How often should I take my bike in for a tuneup?


1. Do I need the application for my Vela to work?

2. Where do I download the Vela app?

3. How does electromagnetic locking work?

4. Can you use the Vela app without paying a monthly fee?

5. What are the functions of Vela controlled in the app?

6. How can I change the power of Vela in the app?

7. How do I lock and unlock my Vela in the app?

8. I lost my Vela. What to do?