Vela Bikes
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Meet the bike



1. Do I need to pedal my Vela?

2. How is Vela on hills?

3. How do I start my Vela 2?

4. Is there a Vela for my size ?

5. What size frame should I choose ?

6. Can I adjust the height of my Vela seat ?

7. How much does a Vela weigh ?

8. Where can I find my Vela's serial number?


1. Where was Vela designed ?

2. Where is the Vela manufactured ?

3. Does Vela have stores ?

4. Can I test ride one ?


1. What is the battery range ?

2. Does Vela’s battery have charge memory ?

3. How long does it take to fully recharge the battery?

4. Is the battery waterproof ?

5. How can I charge my battery ?

6. How can I measure the battery level ?

7. What is the warranty period for the Vela battery?

8. How long does the battery last ?

9. I need to change my battery, what do I do?


1. How powerful is Vela's motor ?

2. Is it possible to adjust the power of my Vela?

3. What is the maximum speed ?

4. How does the motor assistance work ?

5. Does the motor recover energy ?

6. Is the Vela resistant to rain ?


1. How to protect my Vela in the city ?

2. What is included in the Vela+ Plan ?

3. What about maintenance and repairs ?

4. What is the warranty period for Vela components?

5. How often should I take my bike in for a tuneup?


1. Do I need the application for my Vela to work?

2. Where do I download the Vela app ?

3. How does electromagnetic locking work ?

4. Can you use the Vela app without paying a monthly fee?

5. What are the functions of Vela controlled in the app?

6. How can I change the power of Vela in the app?

7. How do I lock and unlock my Vela in the app?

8. I lost my Vela. What to do ?