A bike with
Beauty & Brains.
Combining elegant design and smart technology,
Vela has become the most beloved e-bike for good reason.
The Vela App.
Your remote control
data center.
In your app, you can change power modes, lock and unlock the bike, see your riding statistics like distance traveled, track your bikes location, monitor battery levels, see your riding speed and much more.
Assistance modes
Stronger acceleration and higher top speed. Require more energy from battery.
Power modes.
Vela's are capable of leisurely cruising along a boardwalk or racing to a meeting. Simply adjust your power mode to set how much motor assistance you receive.
Over-the-air updates.
By pairing your Vela to our App, you can update your bike firmware to the latest version, so you can ride your Vela to the fullest experience.
4G SIM card
& GPS tracking.
Vela has partnered with industry leader to provide connection to your bike. This gives you the ability to remotely locate and lock your bike (if there is battery charge). With additional features utilizing this cellular connection planned in the future.
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