Vela Fleet

Flexible e-bike Program

Start and stop anytime with no commitment.
Your own Vela Bike for $199/month.

Vela FleetAdvantages



Spread the cost of ownership monthly.



Simple, month-to-month terms.


Service Included

Get your Vela worry-free we’ve got you covered


Fall in Love

End your subscription at any time and buy out your bike at a discounted price

Vela 2The Modern Classic

Riders from 5’7” to 6’5”
Riders from 5’1” to 6’0”

How it works

  1. Reserve your bikes and accessories

    Customize your fleet to fit your brands style.

  2. Schedule a dropoff date

    Our team will deliver the bikes and train your team. Your subscription starts the day the bikes are delivered.

  3. enjoy the ride

    Your guests, employees and everyone will gush about how incredible these bikes are.

B2B: From resorts to restaurants

With our subscription plan, bulk orders can be tailored made to suit your business needs. Our customization options let you make each bike your own!

Manage your fleet

We make it easy to manage your fleet. Our fleet management portal allows you to track your fleet, manage your subscription, and access our support team.

How does pickup or delivery work?

After you confirm your fleet, place your deposit, a Vela Bikes team member will reach out to confirm pickup or delivery date.

I have more questions about the bike. How can I contact Vela?

Please find further information about our bike and app here: Links to both. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any further questions. We’re happy to help!

What happens if my bike has an issue?

When you log into your account there is a simple functionality to report any issues. Depending on the issue, our team will either remotely diagnose the issue, arrange for the repair, or swap. Either way, our team will see your note and quickly reach out with a solution.

Are there any accessories I can purchase?

You can either select subscriptions to accessory bundles with your bike or purchase individual accessories directly from our site. See more information about our accessories here:

How soon do I need to notify you of my cancellation?

You are required to notify us at least two weeks prior to your monthly subscription renewal date.

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

We encourage you to take advantage of our in-app lock and tracking features as well as to always use a lock and be responsible in where and how you store the bike. You are responsible for the bike’s wellbeing while you are subscribed to the Fleet program

What if I decide I want to purchase the bike(s)? Is this also a rent-to-own or payment plan?

When you log into your account, you can select your bike and then press request a buyout quote. We will quickly respond back to your request (payments thus far and the application of the deposit will both be included in the calculation). After your buyout payment is completed, and assuming there are no further charges pending, ownership to the bikes and/or equipment is completed. Ongoing service is not included after your subscription ends.